Noa Cowork

Whatever you do for a living, how many hours you work and whatever you need – at Noa you will find a space for yourself. Working at Noa will bring a new quality to the way you work.

Price List:

(PLN net)

Coworking and Private Offices

Biuro „Oktet” (msc) 4000
Sextet office (per month) 3200
Quintet office (per month) 2800
Quartet office (per month) 2400
Biuro „Trio” (msc) 1800
Duet office (per month) 1300
Coworking Max (per month) 550
Coworking Long (100 hours/month) 450
Coworking Flex (50 hours/month) 350
1 day 80
1 hour 10

Depending on the service type, we offer the following:

  • (Coworking) access to a workplace in two work spaces with desks and comfortable ergonomic office chairs. Additionally, those who choose Coworking Max receive a private dedicated desk, where they can install their personal computer.


  • (Offices) comfortably equipped and lockable offices, made exclusively available for the period of at least a month.

Additionally, all memberships include:

  • 24/7 access,
  • free "last minute" access to a conference room, if not booked by someone in advance,
  • high-speed Internet access with the bandwidth of 100 Mb/s,
  • all-in-one office printer: unlimited scanning, monochromatic printing/copying of 150 pages/month/person,
  • reception service,
  • fully equipped office kitchen (fridge, microwave, electric kettle) and chillout space,
  • coffee, tea of different types, purified water,
  • our address available for your marketing purposes and correspondence,
  • promotion of your business via our communication channels (our website, social media, events),
  • participation in our weekly Thursday morning breakfasts, as well as networking meetings, enabling integration with our community and opportunities to find new business partners,
  • business advice from our experts (accountant, lawyer, business trainer, marketing strategist, IT specialist) during their consulting hours and online,
  • 50% off for a virtual office and the conference room,
  • access to our online reservation system.
Coworking Czeczota Biuro Duet Czeczota Kwintet Office Czeczota Sekstet Office Czeczota

Conference Rooms

Bossa Nova
(do 8 osób)
60 100
Big Band
(do 15 osób)
100 150
(up to 6 people)
40 80
10% - powyżej 4 godz
over 7 hours – 20%

All memberships include:

obsługa recepcyjna, dostęp do Wi-Fi, flipchartu.

Also available:

  • całodzienną przerwę kawową (kawa, herbaty smakowe, woda) - 20 zł netto/os.
  • catering (sandwiches, sweet snacks, lunch) – prices set individually
  • multimedia overhead projector:
    PLN 10 net/hour
    PLN 50 net/day
Oranżeria Czeczota Big Band Czeczota Big Band Czeczota

Virtual Office

* for memberships
** special price for annual payment in advance
*** PLN 300 installation fee.

  service type price
Noa Standard
  • using the Noa Cowork address for correspondence (pick-up, notice and storage) and marketing (placing the address on your business cards, your website, etc.)
  • using the Noa Cowork fax (incoming messages)
Noa Standard virtual office
  • using the Noa Cowork address for your business registration
  • notices about correspondence pick-up
  • online correspondence register
  • personal correspondence pick-up
Noa Comfort virtual office

Noa Standard virtual office


  • scanning service for all incoming correspondence
Noa Reception

Noa Comfort virtual office


  • landline phone and fax with a dedicated Warsaw phone number and automatic call redirection to a defined mobile phone number
Noa Assistant

Noa Reception


  • phone answering service by our receptionist for a dedicated company number
Logotype presentation

placard with your logotype placed at the entrance to our office

  • locker rental
  • assistant service according to your individual needs, e.g., courier arrangement, flight booking, preparing analyses and reports, calendar management
individual pricing

ul. Jana Czeczota 31
02-607 Warsaw

tel.: (22) 24 72 728
fax: (22) 24 72 729


Opening hours:
pn. - pt. 9:00 – 18:00

(for our regular customers our door is never closed
— they can work whenever they want, including Sundays and public holidays)